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weird dream

Post by verni.chetty on Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:41 am

I had a dream last week that I just cannot get out of my mind. As hard as I try, i just cannot seem to understand what that dream meant.
In my dream, I saw 2 lightly coloured snakes. They looked the same but 1 was male & the other female.
The male snake suddenly killed the female snake by ripping a part of it's belly open. Inside the belly were four eggs. the male snake then took these four eggs into it's mouth. However, it did not seem like it intended on eating these eggs.
The male snake then began to crawl into the open belly of the female snake. when I looked again, it was making it's way out of the belly of the dead female snake.
The creepiest part is that when it came out of the body of the female snake, it seemed like 2 thirds of its body had been torn away from it and remained inside the body of the female snake.
Even though, the male snake had lost 2 thhirds of it's body, it still slithered away, as if there were no injury to it at all. In fact, it looked quite content.

I feel like Nebuchadnezzar looking for a Daniel so please feel free to shed some light on what that dream meant.
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