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converted assaillant

Post by pastorb on Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:18 am

Dreamed we had lost eclectricity power in the night and was trying to light up using a car battery and a bulb. heard some noise of a person attempting to enter our house through the kitchen.

i sent my son to check and he returned with a man brandishing a gun behind him. Notably he was a robber. I told that he could not harm me as I was a child of God. At that he instead asked to be paryed for. I asked my wife and my son to join me as I parayed for him. We paryed for and he visibly relented his actions but appeard agitated and restless.

He requested for light to light up the toilet as only our bedroom was lit. He specifically asked for a candle which i gave him. He never appeared to be wanting to use the toilet but went to peep through the toilet window. It raised suspicion in me and watched him. I went to the kitchen as he remained in the toilet. Since the door had remained open I looked throughj and saw packed outside a gold cloured vehicle and on it sat an unarmed man waiting for the Robber in my toilet.

The man was waiting for the robber. On seing me he got scared. later he drove away leaving the other man in my house. the robber told me to ignore and drew my attention a heap of new clothes heaped in my dining room. on top of the heap was a new gold shirt. As The car drove away a truck appeared and a goup of women alighted. They came through the Kitchen door demanding to get the Robber who at the time had joined my children in their bedroom.

I felt an urge to protect the robber though I was still suspicious of his motive. I comforted the women to hand them the robber after I had dressed up because I was just in an underpant. My wife remained assuring them.

Suddenly after dressing up i found my self from what seemed to have been coming from escorting the robber. I was overtaken by a group of elderly people singing gospel hymns who overtook me but i later overtook them. Though they told me that they were going for work they joined me back to my house.

we found atleast two ladies who demanded for the release of the Robber to them. I rebuked their spokeswoman with words as stupid and idiot. The other who I recognised suggest that i took with me the robber to a named house.

I suddenely woke up

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