husband's dream: what could it mean when a hotel changes into a boat?

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husband's dream: what could it mean when a hotel changes into a boat?

Post by traveller on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:24 pm

My husband had the following dream a couple of nights ago. When he told me it reminded me of my own dream about us waiting at the hotel.. (see dream;my husband stepping into river...) Don't know if it is related but am praying for Holy Spirit led
revelation/confirmation. God bless you all!

Husband's dream:
He was driving the old van he used to have (like seven years ago). He arrived at a hotel which was a tall building with many rooms. He stayed in a room a couple of levels below the top level. When he was in the room he noticed his room was connected with a staircase, to a room below him. He went down the staircase to check it out and ended up in this room of an Iranian guy. The guy told him he was Iranian and he was travelling around and that he belonged to the military. My husband felt uncomfortable (couldn't remember for what reason), so he went back up to his room. He didn't feel safe, knowing that this military guy could get into his room too. Husband gets scared and wants to run away from there. He gets outside the window and starts climbing up the hotel (on the outside). There were grips on the outside that he could put his hands in to make the climbing easier. He said that whilst he was climbing the hotel changed into a wooden model, much smaller.

Next scene:
It's night time. The hotel has changed into a big ship and is in full sea. Husband's old van has been changed into a floating seaworthy vehicle/boat, but still looks like the van on top. Husband is sitting in it (in the living/sleeping area of the van) whilst the van is being towed at the back of the vehicle by the big ship. So the van/boat is towed back to front..

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