Dream Repost about future helpmate and his family

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Dream Repost about future helpmate and his family

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:52 pm

I had a dream this morning or could be a vision..however I was in this house along with future helpmate mother and him. I can see his mom smiling at me and she talking to me and she being very nice to me, and she said to me Mo is not here (helpmate sister) It was though I was waiting on her or looking for her or go somewhere. In the dream I see helpmate but hes busy doing something in the house. (helpmate has a serious look on his face). His mom and I are both standing to the side (his mom on one side of the room and I am on the other but not to far from each other) or behind him observing him while he is busy..I could not see what he was doing.

His father walked out of the room and look as he just woke up and the helpmate is helping him get situated in the living room . The helpmate walks pass me with his father I see the helpmate and he busy tending to his father. Then I see helpmate father look at me and smile. (In this dream I can feel alot of love coming from his parents.)

Then helpmate son and his friend comes to me and start talking to me. ( I dont remember what they said)

Then I am back with his mother she takes me to this room and she showing me the bedroom and in this room I see a hugh big bed empty with a pink comfter then I saw a bathroom inside the room but it was strange because there was no door to the bathroom it was like you can see the bathroom with a shower and it was right beside the bed. So his mom leaves and then I see a man and a women in the dark laying on the bed.. and I was thinking they were not there before...So anyway I see them and it was very dark. It look like they did not want no one to know they were there. So I turned on the light and they were mad and they want me to shut off the light.. There faces looked like they were frighten and mad at the same time. So I cut back off the light then I left.

Thank you for your help!!
PS It seems as though everyone talks to me or acknowledge me except the helpmate...... Just my thoughts not sure though.
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