REPOST: Not prepared?

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REPOST: Not prepared?

Post by firerose on Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:43 pm

I decided to repost the following dream again to see if anyone had any thoughts. The twin boys I mention in my dream have to do with my work, and they tend to be very difficult boys at times. The last dream I posted before this one was in refernece to one boy, but not his twin. This dream seemed to be showing me that there was demonic activiity involved in this difficult situation, and a few members affirmed me/the dream in this. Anyway, I take the Lord's direction that comes to me in dreams quite seriously, and am thinking that I need to let go of this situation pretty soon. It only seems to be getting worse...and it's taking a lot of energy and focus. I have been praying how long I should stick it out.

Thank you for your thoughts...I appreciate any replies ahead of time. Perhaps someone has a completely different perspective than I do at the moment.

In my dream I was flying to Ireland, and landed safely taking a little boy and his twin brother with me. (Ireland is significant in that I have lived there previously, and I believe the Lord might be calling me back at a certain time) Immediately upon landing, something didn't feel right. As we left the airport and were walking along a sidewalk, I looked up and a glider or drone type plane was hitting the power lines and crashed on a rooftop. Everyone stopped in the street to look. I then went to my new apartment with these boys, and it was very nice, new construction and everything. It actually looked like a condo. I thought to myself, "This is so American looking." I also noticed with particular interest that there was an additional shower stall placed outside the main bathroom as a convenience, if the main bathroom should be occupied. After this I took the boys to a grocery store. I noticed that many people were of course speaking with an Irish accent, but the grocery store was very American looking. As I was strolling the boys along, I felt a strong panic and disappointment rise up within me, as I was not ready to be there yet. I was rethinking going to meet a friend later, because I simply was not ready and felt out of place. I felt I hadn't had enough time to prepare, as taking care of these boys took a lot of energy I should be putting elsewhere.

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Re: REPOST: Not prepared?

Post by RnestseekR on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:18 pm

O am offering a different point of view, but I tell you this upright that I do not feel an annointing of an interpretation, so this is strictly a different point of view, okay?
Could the plane/glider be another ministry of another person? Power lines can be a source of greatness, but not when you CRASH into them. You want to plug in to a power line in a controlled and calculated way, not crash head first without control. So I am wondering if this could mean that someone else is attempting to help or do the same ministry you are, but not with any control and not in a God-led way.
Something else - different place, same stuff. Just because you are going to a different place, doesn't mean your function and minitry will change.
Also, is it possible that the boys represent you being in authority or leadership - not necessarily specifically them? Do you see how are leading these boys thru meeting basic needs in life (shelter, elimination, food).
Just some random thoughts. Not an interpretation.

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