demon possessed baby

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demon possessed baby

Post by Dreamergirl on Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:27 am

Wow this actually feels awkward, like posting some intimate detail out there for the world to examine and judge me by! Oh well, who am i?

Anyways, i had a dream last night. Cant really remember the beginning. But i was in my mothers house, and on the floor caring for a young baby. I only saw her from behind so i dont know the gender. It was naked, and i held it out infront of me, my left hand held her head and my right hand held her ankles tight, so her legs were completely closed. I realized i should pray for her, because her parents were from India and i knew there may be influence from all the gods they worship. So i kissed the back of her head, and then the bottom of her feet. As i started to pray for her/him it started to shake and convulse, like the demons were fighting to stay in her. Now i have had dreams in the past where i begin to fight some demonic force, and as i do, each time, my words are stifled, and i may be screaming but it is barely audible, which almost always induces a terrifying fear in me. But not this time. While i struggled to hold this baby tight, and not let it flail around, i prayed with authority and though my words were struggling to get out my mouth, i kept praying holding her tighter and tighter. Her body was very tense and contorting. i prayed for her back because it was arched so tightly, i could see each vertabrae. Then i thought to anoint her with oil. After a moments hesitation, unsure i can make it to the kitchen with her, i got up and made my way, her legs opening and she was fighting harder and harder, but i kept holding tight to her and praying. My words started to take better form, and as i could say the full name of Jesus i woke myself up, slowly coming out of the dream, calling on the Lord in real life as i awoke.

Please, help me with this. I have been reading and researching about an hour now, but nothing is as specific to my dream. I'd appreciate any feedback. God bless.

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