Dream about a house exchange.

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Dream about a house exchange.

Post by juewls davis 777 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:42 pm

I had a dream that a lady had asked me if I wanted to do a flat exchange. I had for some strange reason said yes! I say strange because she lived on the top floor and my flat is on the ground floor. I would not in real life give up my flat to go and live on a top floor. Anyway, my husband and I were in the top floor flat, we had agreed to exchange. I remember there being lots of room/space in the flat. We kept finding extra rooms. There was a wet room, with a shower in it. A very large bathroom with a shower in it also. The bedroom's had loads of beds in and bunkbeds. All the other family's stuff was still in the flat. Our stuff was still in our flat. I remember thinking, in the summer I wont be able to open the back door to let the children play out on the grass. I was very disapointed that I had made this move. I remember feeling that I had been conned. Then we walked over to our ground floor flat to see how they were getting on. They had a trailer truck thing, with trampolines on it, but they were not happy! They said the flat was to small for them and they couldn't exchange after all. I was pleased. Any idea's? Thanks Julie.

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Re: Dream about a house exchange.

Post by immortalservant on Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:54 pm

i'm just kind of wondering if IRL you are wishing for things to be different but God wants you to see that what you alreay have works for you. And even possibly what the other person has works for them. Like if you see a woman who has an amazing gift that the Lord has given her and you wanna be just like her. But come to find out it's just not who you really are and if she were in your shoes it wouldn't work out either.
Just a thought!!! Continue to pray and see what God says!!!
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