Neighbor, Bill Collector and a lot of Driving? Help!

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Neighbor, Bill Collector and a lot of Driving? Help!

Post by Dream223 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:10 pm

The dream takes place in my neighbor's car. The neighbor is driving and she is not a good driver. I am in the passenger's seat and try to help her be a better driver. Then we appear in the bedrom and I get a call. the neighbor is listening to my conversation. I am on the phone with a bill collector and he starts to offer me a job. Next scene in and the neighbor are driving and the bill collector shows up in the back seat of the car. He has a suitcase. We are headed to the job to meet him, but we drop him off before getting to the job. I arrive at the job and the bill collector is not there. A lady shows me around the small business office while we wait for the man (bill collector) to return. He made the job appears to be something that it wasn't. I come across a room with people in the back cleaning old dirty shoes...that is the "real" job. The bill collector never returns. Next scene I am in the car with my sister. We notice the bill collector in a car (it is really a taxi cab) although it does not look like it. My sister tries to flag him to stop, but I am concerned about his running meter in the taxi cab. The taxi stops and I notice teenagers n the car. My sister wants to the teens to get in the car with us, but the man (bill collector) pulls off. Next scene I notice the neighbor going up to the same building where I went to mee th ebilkl collector for a job and she was with a another woman. The woman (neighbor) had a little grl's pony tail in her head.####

Thnak you for what you share!

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