Many Many Children being taken and stored away, confusing can you help interpet??

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Many Many Children being taken and stored away, confusing can you help interpet??

Post by SWS on Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:42 pm

I dream I am at a big atheltic event, in the bleachers on the field for like a soccer or football game. Upon arriving, I notice a large group of young boys, like 8-10 yr olds sitting there, all doing the same thing, perplexed yet lighthearted seeing them all in their seats, saying and doing the same thing. I move to the bleachers and am sitting with someone I like, I don't know this person irl, but she seems to be a friend, I enjoy her company we are talking and talking away. She is blonde, I don't have many blonde or any blonde friends irl. A couple sits in front of us and jumps in our conversation, we are discussing many things and ask about my nationality(this is always a question for people i meet irl), and discuss me being part native american. Game is over time to go, I seem to have my son with me and begin to walk to the car. My son is missing I can't find him, the "close" friend I was with has vanished to. I look around it is if I am in a town/city square type setting, buildings all around me, like cement buildings in the shape of brown stones. I ask this woman have you seen my son he is missing I can't find him? She says "come with me", she takes me into this building, it is no longer in regular use, it is old, war torn looking. We walk into a room toward a pile of debris ceiling high covering a blown out hole in the wall. She moves the debris with ease, it is staged debris, a covering. We step into a large room, open big, out of sight is a mesh looking wall, layers of wire fencing, there are so many children sitting indian style, silent staring, packed like sardines... watching. The lady says let me go look for him, I say his name is Brandon(I don't know any Brandon whatsoever) I say he is toe head blonde, he should stand out. I don't know any toehead blonde children. She is gone I can't see her... calling out brandon... I get close to the fence and say " tell him his mommy is here to get him" At this statement all the children jump up and scream wildily in sheer terror/hope, like all their emotions pour out in brief seconds, crying uncontrollably, only seconds.... they stop and are instantly quiet when the lady is returning, just as I had found them. She returns with a little boy... he is not mine. She says let's go over here, this is where he might be. It was a hiding place, in a closet type thing, clothes hiding the woman who was a guradian there... I couldn't see her face, just huge eyes, behind a screen. I reiterate he is blonde and they say for sure he would be with this "bunch".... she goes to look for him. Dream ends.

If the Lord leads, please let me know.I'm praying that He would reveal to me if there is anything to be known.

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