Where Am I Going?

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Where Am I Going?

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:11 pm

I had a dream where I am in my home city downtown. I think its a celebration going on because people from everywhere are here. My city is a historic place, so usually every year we have an event to commemorate the historic event that took place in the 60s.

Anyway, I am with my aunt and cousins to help them decorate and put some food up and I notice in the home there is a menu--between Dairy Queen and McDonald's, and I notice ads of fries (showing the difference). I REALLY want some food and my aunt is insisting to do everything but I offer to help--boy I should not have done that!lol

Anyway, she tells me to go the the NORTH COMMONS, which IRL, is a place on campus where I'm currently enrolled in school. She wants me to bring this white umbrella to this place. I walk all over the city, I have long braids (there are places where my hair is missing in the back), I have on a hot pink sweater which IRL I don't even own anymore (I wore it alot in my past), and I have on some undergarments (the same kind you wear when its freezing outside) and some blue shorts that are permanently around my knees. It feels weird because suddenly it starts to get hot outside (around 80 degrees) and I can't change my clothing.

At one point I go inside a church where there is a choir with gold robes practicing, but I keep getting weird looks as if Im not supposed to be there so I leave. I see a couple of people that I know from school, and one girl in particular compares me to another girl and I'm offended, but she says that we look alike because of our 'chest'. WHAT?

I go outside and somebody tells me that I'm walking on the wrong side of the side walk. I ask other children who are walking aimlessly, 'where is North commons?" I remember at one point walking past this large gold building with gargoyles/lions around some outside columns, but as I approached the building I became fearful and skeptical---I thought: better not go here, because those animals looked scary and real to me! I am so frustrated because I can't find my destination! I'm getting hungry and I want to just find this place so that I can eat. I could just leave the umbrella sitting up against a random buidling, but what if my cousin gets in trouble--since she didn borrow this?

I thoughtL HOw am I supposed to find the NOrth Commons when it is not even in this city? I will be looking all day!

Desiree (Starpop)
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