Motorcycle Bible Study

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Motorcycle Bible Study

Post by snoviello on Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:21 am

Hi all,

I have been praying about a woman who is not a Chrisitan yet and needs deliverence and here is the prayer I had about her last night:

I approached this woman about the word of God and she told me she had been doing a Bible Study by Chuck Swindol. She went to a shelf and pulled down the Bible Study. It came with a model of a high speed motorcycle and a rider. The model was red, white and blue and was very good in quality. Immedately after that I went into a bathroom with beautiful bathtubs and sinks and there was water flowing in fountains.

Thanks for your help on this!


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Re: Motorcycle Bible Study

Post by Love's child on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:44 am

This is a good dream!

It appears that this lady has left Christ on the shelf in past times in her life, but in this dream she "pulls Him of the shelf". When she begins to study the Bible the Word is opened to her. Sometimes when there are certain things in a dream I ask the question why this God and not that. In this dream I wanted to know why a motor cycle God. Here is the simple answer... if it would have been a a regular bike then it would have been a work that she was doing on her own (peddling). So then I wondered why not a car, but when a car is used it is usually symbolizing a person that is already on the path and the direction their ministry is going (but she isn't saved yet). So why the motorcycle? The Motor cycle came with the Bible study because what God is offering is a free gift, but not only that she doesn't have to labor like she would on a bike because God is the word is the motor it gives life to the bike that she once was laboring on her own (works of the flesh) and now all she has to do is ride!

The colors on the model are significant:
Red for the Blood of Jesus (Salvation/Justification)
White for purity and holiness of God the Father (Sanctification)
Blue for the Living Water (regeneration through Holy Spirit)

The second part of your dream is dealing with you praying for her deliverance. A bathroom is a place of cleansing. The fact that you seen that is was a place of beauty shows that He wants to give her beauty for ashes and the water flowing in fountains is showing you that it will be a work of the Holy Spirit.

So God is encouraging you with this dream. Keep praying for her and loving on her. Ask the Lord to guide you...invite her to study the Bible with you. Always remember to speak life... God's words are spirit and life. He tells us to impart grace to the hearers.

God bless you!
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