Three frogs came out of his mouth

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Three frogs came out of his mouth

Post by HisLightbeam on Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:22 pm

I dreamed this awhile back...

It is about 9 years old. I was lying in bed for an evening nap. There was this little blond haired boy, wearing a red jacket and a turtleneck, and a scarf around his neck. He was speaking to me in this deep deep voice, saying I am going to kill you. His eyes were very strange. I reached out and did not say a word, just grabbed him around his collar, because he was scaring me. When I did, three frogs fell out, and jumped into a big pool of water. To this day, I can still hear the plop that they made. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and his eyes turned to brown, and when he did that, I woke up. Honestly, I do not want to speculate on who the little boy was, or the three frogs. This is back when I did not know about the three frog spirits, and how they related to the anti-christ. Honestly, I was a christian, but not that deep.

Antyway, the Lord told me to go into my living room, and I put it on the christian channel. There was a man talking about demons, and I got afraid, because he was teaching about this subject. So I went to get something to calm me. A cigarette and a drink. Remember, I was still a babe in Christ. So while I am smoking, the Lord told me that the dream was real. Then He said that a snake was going to try to kill me, and it was outside my door. By then it was 12:00 AM. I called my mom, and she told me I was tripping. So I started to pray. This was really my first prayer for protection. I finally went back to sleep. About 6:00 Am that morning, my neighbor Naldo was at my door knocking. He wanted to show me the snake that had been hiding at my door in a corner. It was a very big water moccasin. Very lethal. He had it on a stick to show me its length. He thought it was there to get the warmth seeping under the door, because it was cold that night. It just so happened that he couldn't sleep, and went for a walk, and for some reason, thought that he would climb the stairs, until he got tired. I lived on the third floor, where the snake had climbed up. He and I were enemies until that day, because we traded insults whenever we saw each other. God, I am sorry, but I hate snakes. Hate 'em. I freaked for sure. It was my habit to get up and go walking at 6:00, and I would not have seen him before he struck. My question would have been why would a snake climb three flights to get warmth under a door, when there were doors everywhere else that were more easily accessible?

Please comment on the dream if the Lord gives you word.

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