Bomb in the glove compartment

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Bomb in the glove compartment

Post by HisLightbeam on Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:07 pm

I dreamed this a while back. What made me remember it was deja vue while I was doing a lunch for a client. For some reason, a tv episode made me have a flash of me and my niece in a car, and she was opening a glove compartment. I made her stop because of a "bomb" in the compartment that someone planted for me. That was a flash real quickly. I don't know what that means. So the dream was that I was in this isuzu rodeo or something very like it. It was the color green, olive green. I pulled up at some apartments with covered parking. I parked sideways, as opposed to pulling straight in. While I was sitting in the seat, looking straight ahead was this red headed lady. Her face with contorted with hate, and she had been thinking about planting a bomb in my glove compartment. But some of her colleagues stopped her. Her hair was that faded red color that is in hair that hasn't been kept conditioned. Very dull, with curly hair. Then i was climbing out, and there were two boys with these guns shooting at me and my nieces and nephews. We somehow got in their homes and stole their ammunition. Then I ended up walking backstage of the church choir stage. I was thinking I was supposed to be up there, but then Keisha was looking at me slyly, and I never made it up there. She kept turning her face back and forth. Then I was outside of the church, blocked from going back. Then I woke up. The last part of this dream did occur last year, I did get opposition from some people at my church so that I left and did not go back to the choir, but I don't understand the first part of the dream, and I don't understand the deja vu I had this morning, and what it means. I know I really need to, but I always pray for wisdom, guidance and protection, so what could God be telling me that I am just not getting? Desperately seeking the answer...

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