The Lord is showing me a Woman & He needs my help... HELP!!!

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The Lord is showing me a Woman & He needs my help... HELP!!!

Post by MyBeloved on Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:22 pm

Before I went to bed last night I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to please show me more of what I needed to know. For those who have been following my posts.... I believe there is a connection here. I woke up this morning with my heart beating, just like in my dream.

My dream starts like this...

First Scene... I am in my bed asleep in my childhood house. My husband was fast asleep on the floor. A friend of mine from church came into my room and whispered "We have to go, there is someone I want you to meet" I got up and tried to put a few things on, but she said "We have to go now" We started walking down the hallway, she went in front of me and turned to the left. But it wasn't her anymore.

Second Scene...I am outside in the front yard looking up at a 2 story house in a neighboorhood. This is someone else's house. My friend said "I need you to meet someone, there is something I want to show you" Quick Flash... I am sitting around a patio table outside. It was a meeting that was set up just for me. My friend and the person I was suppose to meet were sitting at the table, they were talking. The other person that I was meeting never spoke to me. I can't remember now if it was a he or a she. They disappeared fast. I asked "Where did they go" My friend said "I will show you" That person had a job, needed to go, someone came in.

Third Scene... We started to walk up the stairs and on the left was a door. I started feeling very uncomfortable and my heart started to beat really fast and my spirit was unsettled. I walked into the room and in front of me was another room with a door that was closed. It had a glass window in it and I could see through into the room. It was dim in the room, but the healer was there. There was a woman in that room, it looked like a padded room. The woman had short black curly hair, she was older than me. She was walking around in a circle around the room. She was there to get treated, she came in herself. I saw as she walked around the room that she would open her mouth and let out black stuff into the air. Then she would close her mouth again, then open it up again to let the black out. I heard a voice say to me "I need you to help" ... I replied back "I can't" I knew I had to, but I felt helpless. The lady that was there in the room was bound to darkness. She isn't saved, but she thinks she is... I started crying.

I asked, He showed. Now what

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Re: The Lord is showing me a Woman & He needs my help... HELP!!!

Post by True Flight on Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:17 pm

Thank the Lord for his faith in you.
Surrender, tell God you will submit and alow him to work through you.
Ask the Lord to reveal this person, and to give you the wisdom needed.

You will do fine, God has brought you this far.
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