dream of what appears to be things pertaining to Israel

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dream of what appears to be things pertaining to Israel

Post by albanylori on Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:37 am

I am working at motor vehicle when the customer in front of me sits down to register his car, has something rolled up in his hand and is silent. I feel a sense that he is a hebrew based on his appearance (somewhat like a hasidic jew), but he says nothing until I ask what is rolled up in his hand. He quietly says it is the "Torah" and I immediately got excited. At my excitement, he smiled and asked if I wanted to hold it and I excitedly said "yes!". He is registering a new car and there is something about his vin # that I need to check, so I tell my boss that I need to go out to the car to look at the vin # (although in my dream, I really wanted to be alone with this quiet person because I was so excited that he was a jew and maybe had a message from God). Next I was riding as a passenger in the car, he was driving...the car was a light blue , new dodge charger and I kept talking about jews and Israel and laughing...there was great joy..no fear or worry about where he was taking me...all the way he smiled and never spoke. I ended up in a living room looking at a couch and an end table. On the end table was the minnorah (sp), but no candles and a picture, but I didn't see the face. To my right a young child said "that's my mom, she just died" and I looked at the picture again to see the face of a woman then looked back at the young boy (about 6), looked at the picture again and another boy spoke to me sitting next to the other one on the couch, (about 10), then another boy behind me (about 16) then to my right alittle girl about 1...The man stood in the door way very quiet, just smiling as each one of these children spoke to me. I had a sense that I was there just after their mother died and the man was alone and I made his children feel better. (just a side note...the 2 boys were on the couch, the little girl stood in the doorway with a big picture window behind her and the older boy stood in another door way behind me with a dining room behind him and the man stood in the door way of the kitchen.) this house didn't appear to be in America, this room was very bright and the windows in the living room were up high towards the ceiling. My dream ended with my boss and her assistant from motor vehicle driving up to this house and I heard them outside yelling as if I was in some danger, but I told them I was fine.

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Re: dream of what appears to be things pertaining to Israel

Post by NeWine on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:32 am

Hi albany,

The room is very bright because the revelation of Jesus Christ is the spirit of Prophecy, (high windows) (revelation brings light). The highest revelation one is to have is that Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God. These are devout Messianic Jews and this appears to (possibly) be a Messianic Jewish Fellowship, if not a family of Jewish Believers. The mother has died, could represent the motherland, Israels spiritual death, or separation from their clan/traditional Jewish fellowship (because of their new faith). All would bring sadness.

I am thinking that the father was a devout Jew, who became a Christian (new life)=(new car), who is charged up and ready to share the Gospel of Peace (light blue). The rolled up Torah reminds me of the saying (The old Testament is Christ concealed. The children in the house may represent believers at different stages of their walk with Christ. The fellowship(dining hall) could be 16 years old or it could represent the call of God on this 16 year old's life if they are real people and not representative of a group. Or it could be both. The picture window behind the 1year old tells me that they are a prophetic fellowship, perhaps a fledgling when it comes to revelatory giftings. Or it could mean that what you are "seeing" in this dream will come to pass in one year.

I am not sure what your occupation is where you would be registering cars, but take your occupation in account with this dream, and look at the spiritual side of how you are relating to this people, family or fellowship. Registering is qualifying, verifying, legitimitizing... what ever it is you are acknowledging and serving this Messianic Jews (car) (new life in Christ). This could be through prayer, ministry, or giving to a ministry, that goes to Israel and ministers to them.

The menorah had no candles because you entered into a place where the Lamb is the Light.

The funny thing is you were hoping this man had a message from God for you. He did. In some way shape or form, you will be of some service to this people.

- In Christ -dee Newine

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