possibly future husband

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possibly future husband

Post by rachel07 on Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:24 pm

well i had put this in anther topic and i have been prayn and asking the lord to reveal this to me. I believe that this dream is about my future husband cause i have an idea who he might be and i asked the lord to give me a dream if it is him. So anyways im sitting in my old classroom when i was in highschool. and i turn around and see the man (future mate.) sitting in the back just kinda checking me out more like observing me. he had such a smile and a peace about him. Then i look at my self and (i believe i was lookn at my heart) and said to the teacher i need to go to the bathroom. so i go to the bathroom and come back and i felt more confident about myself and i felt the holy spirit tell me he was going to come and talk to me. and i turn around and the guy that sat in back of came up to me and just smiled and he looked like he had such a heavy glory of god around him. all i could sense was a lot of peace around him andthat he was pursuing me and all i did was smile back and agree that i like him too.

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