Star Ratings and Investigating Fraud

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Star Ratings and Investigating Fraud

Post by Paul RT on Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:19 pm

I was working for an agency helping long term unemployed people. The star ratings were announced, and I received a personal rating of 4.99 out of a maximum of 5.
My counterpart working for a competing organisation was Shobha, who had worked as me assistant in a previous organisation.
I was then working on a community organisation led by a David. We were walking up a hill surveying the project, which involved three or four dilapidated old buildings on public land.
In the next part of the dream I was looking to find a parking spot that wasn’t marked for disabled drivers. I eventually parked in a car park under some buildings. I was then involved in investigating some people accused of fraud over the misuse of public money.
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