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Post by klee on Sun Dec 27, 2009 5:24 am

While driving to work & spending time with my Father worshipping him, I received an Open Vision. In this vision, I saw myself in a white wedding dress kneeling at the altar with my high school sweetheart kneeling besides me, both our heads bowed before our Father. As I looked on my right, my maid of honor and girls were also in white, kneeled with their heads also bowed down. As I looked to my left, the best man and ushers were also in white, kneeled and heads bowed as well. As I looked behind me, all the people that attended this wedding, were also in white and on their knees. I looked before me and saw no one before me. At this point while driving, I cried out and said "Abba Father - What is this?" This vision seemed too real for me. I began to tremble and wept until I got myself to work. I walked into my office and went straight on my knees and began to pray and said "Lord, what is this?" - He speaks at this time - "THIS - - - - IS MY ORDAINED WEDDING" - (END OF OPEN VISION) - Please interpret!

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