Accedent in a tunnel

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Accedent in a tunnel

Post by vince merc on Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:28 pm

December 25, 2009

I dreamed that I was in a car with my wifeís assistant from her job and we were driving in a tunnel, and it was dark. As we were driving and talking, I noticed up ahead that one of the cars in front of us was up on two wheels. The woman I was with didnít notice and kept driving as normal and I motioned for her to slow down and raised my voice telling her to be careful. She had been talking and didnít notice what was going on. The car finally fell back down on all four wheels, but started to swerve across several lanes, and again I told her to be careful and slow down because I thought the car ahead would lose control and crash, but it didnít. As we watched, that same car again went up on two wheels, and then fell down on all fours, but this time swerved across several lanes, spun around, and was going backwards obviously out of control. Again, I had to tell our friend to slow down and be careful. I could see into the car ahead and it had four people in it, two adults in front and two kids in back, who were obviously afraid of what was happening. As we watched, the car was going backwards, out of control and was headed for what seemed to be a gasoline truck parked off to our right in what looked like a side section of the tunnel. I could see that the car was going to hit the gasoline truck just as we were passing by and I yelled at our friend to speed up. I thought it was going to blow up and I grabbed my phone and started to call 911, but ducked my head thinking we would hear the explosion any second, but it did not explode. Then I woke up.

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