Offering the Prophetess a check for $10,000

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Offering the Prophetess a check for $10,000

Post by vince merc on Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:26 pm

December 20, 2009

I dreamed that my wife and oldest son were at some event and Isabel was there, a fairly well known modern day prophetess. She and her husband were leaving to go upstairs to get ready to leave and go on another ministry trip. I told my wife and son to follow me and we walked upstairs and knocked on her door. She came out and sat at a table before us. My wife and son did not know what I was about to do, but I wanted them thee to witness it. I pulled out a check for $10,000 and laid it in front of the prophetess and said that the Lord told me to give this to her. I also told her that the Lord said that they were not to drive past 9:00pm that night! I said again, you must not be driving past 9:00pm and need to be settled in for the night. She looked at the check and said very nicely that she could not accept it. I felt that she would not listen to the 9:00pm advice either. Anticipating her not taking the money or listening to the 9:00pm warning, I pulled out of my pocket a piece of paper where I had previously written the following. “At 9:07 you will stop driving.” And then looking at my wife and son, I read also from this piece of paper, “And the day she and her husband return, this check would have been good!” And then I tore the check in half in front of the three of them. I remember thinking that at 9:07, she and her husband would be in a car accident and at the moment they crashed, they would both see on the clock on the dash board that it was 9:07. I did not think it was going to be a major life threatening crash. Then I woke up.

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