freddie's dream #4

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freddie's dream #4

Post by gracegirl on Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:55 pm

stefan and mark were sitting in recliners in a room. me and yvette were sitting at a counter in two stool chairs.Stefan was telling mark don't worry about what people say to you, you are doing a good job.I looked at yvette who was across from me and she got upset and left the room. she went into the next room which was a bedroom and went to the other side of the bed and got on her knees to pray.there was a laptop on the bed. outside me and yvette were going somewhere.she was in the back of the house in the yard trying to start her old white four door car.i was on the porch and started to walk to the back yard when she came down the side of the house in the car.she pulled up in the front yard and the passenger side window was broken as i got in the car.

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