freddie 's dream #3

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freddie 's dream #3

Post by gracegirl on Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:48 pm

me and yvette and mark were standing outside on a road and mark's cell phone would not work. so i walked to the store to call the phone company. i was standing in line and a guy was behind me in line. as i moved up in line, he moved up in line and ran his hand across my butt. i told him to stop or watch it. He said he didn't do anything and he was tired of people saying he touched their butts. so he said "i will be back"
and left the store and went out to his his truck which was red.there was a man and woman behind the counter.the man behind the counter asked me to step outside because he didn't want any trouble.i watched the guy who went outside to his truck get a bat outside the back of the truck.there were some people sitting in the back of the truck when he got his bat out.he came back to the store but didn't come in he just stood outside.he started hitting the glass on the door we all just stood there and watched him hit the glass.

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