Stadium Sermon

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Stadium Sermon

Post by snoviello on Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:29 pm

I am teaching a message for my church and we are in a large stadium. I cannot find an appropriate opening for a stage so all the people can see me. I stop at one opening and lift my hand and the people near me are hit with the Spirit and fall down. I leave that area and look for another opening and as I am doing so I am still speaking on a headset so everyone can hear me. I cannot find my notes and I am fearful that I am going to have to speak from the Spirit because I have never done that before and my Pastor has to approve my notes before I speak. I am not getting any cooperation from the sound or stage men and then I see my husband and learn he has cheated on me. He thinks it is no big deal and tells me it's been 6 years since he cheated on me last. I wake up because I feel that I am going to vomit. When I wake up from the dream my body feels as though I did experience nausea and my hands felt like they were touched by something spirutal, my first thought was an angel.

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