I had this dream aout 4 years ago but i seems important now.

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I had this dream aout 4 years ago but i seems important now.

Post by serenitydawn on Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:08 am

I dreamed that i was in a hotel room with my husband and 2 boys(at the time i only had one,now i have a second)one was older so i thought it was someone else and the other young like my son.Now i have a 6 and a half year old and a 2 month old so i guess they were both mine.I was trying to show them a paper that was talking about war all over the world and telling them i had drempt it and that my dreams mean things.I was not getting through to them.I looked at the tv and it had small screens in it that each showed the news in a different part of the world (austrailia was one but i dont know why i remember that one)my maiden name was used in each place either said or someone had my name.Then i was in a wal-mart type place and there was a very obese woman buying clothes.She asked me if i was going to help that child and pointed to a lower shelf.I saw an infant there crying and i picked it up to console it.When i looked at it's face it had blood coming out of its mouth,it had bitten off its tongue.Then i was talking to a woman i knew at the time (who was single with no kids)and she was holding a baby and surrounded by diapers and seemed calm.I asked her how and she said that i should not let myself get caught up i these things because i had more important things to do.Then i was talking to a women about a job and she said there were none.Then i was watching all these worried buisness men in a room surrounding a black man sitting on a stool.I knew he was important but had no idea who he was (i described him then as a man of power).he was telling them he was doing all he could but there was no more money and no more jobs.
*as i said i had this about 4 years ago and i felt that it was important but i was not sure what it meant.I felt so strongly that i talked to someone at my church about it,which for me is a big thing.I also wrote this down and have been looking for the paper so i can get the more exact details but i still remember most of it pretty clearly.

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