Running a race in the dessert and an Indian lady.‏

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Running a race in the dessert and an Indian lady.‏

Post by steadygaze on Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:59 pm



I was running in the dessert I do not know where in the dessert but it was a long journey race and there were others and I had passed them all.I knew there was one girl/lady ahead of me and she was an Indian I could see her running at a distance ahead of me. The Indian lady found something as she was running and she stopped to pick it up, and she was filled with excitement and laughter as if this thing she found was something sacred or precious to her.I had asked her what was it that she had found and I caught up to her on this race,and it seemed as if we were the only ones running this race now on this dessert road.The Indian lady opened her hand and in her hand she had a Ivory stone like with an impression engraved in it and the engraving was of a little girl.She said," to me this is a very expensive piece." she then closed her hand with the Ivory piece inside and we began to run the race again.The Indian lady was different and very unique. As the Indian lady was running all of a sudden she lost the Ivory piece she treasured.As I fallowed behind her in the race in the dessert I heard her say, I lost what I just found on this dessert road.I then saw another Indian lady and her little girl I wondered if they had found the ivory piece the Indian lady lost. I asked the lady and her child if they found it and they said yes we found the Ivory piece of the little girl engraved on it.I told them who it belonged to and they started to hand it back to me to give it back to the Indian lady I was running the race with, and I said no, you can personally give it to her yourself I felt like I was suppose to have them give it to her personally.

Any insight to this dream would be appreciated.
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