Rape Dream

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Rape Dream

Post by GodsAnointed37 on Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:17 pm

There was an afternoon church service (at my previous church), and a Caucasian man with a beard & mustache, a potbelly, wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of pants beige with red suspenders was there. He made me feel uncomfortable but I continued on in the service. People came looking for me saying that Freddie needs you come quickly. I could see Freddie in a closet in the vestibul outside of the sanctuary crying and calling for me before they came to get me in the dream. She wouldn't let anyone touch her & she wouldn't come out of the closet either. Once I got there I told everyone to leave her alone that I was there and that she would be fine. She calmed down enough to tell me that she was raped by a Caucasian man. She described the man that made me uncomfortable.

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Re: Rape Dream

Post by Dove-Solutions on Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:35 am

I am seeing the Lord giving you the ability to work with and to recognize people (woman) in these situations. This is a discernment gift. You can see the person first then you received the confirmation later with the woman. Is this something that you have felt lead to do? I pray this is of help as I interpret only in part.

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