freddie's dream # 1

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freddie's dream # 1

Post by gracegirl on Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:50 pm

President Barack Obama was riding down the freeway then it showed his ingnuation ceremony but it was here in columbus ohio. It was downtown at the riverfront, he was standing on a stage with a white shirt with a crowd of people and he was in the back of the crowd.He came to the front of the crowd.Then i was in some building with alot of people for school and janice(a coworker) was there with me in line. I couldn't find a form to fill out so when it was my turn to see the lady in charge she got up and walked away. I started crying then i walked to the other end of the building and then i came back and stopped by a table with 3 red rolling booths. The lady came from behind the booths and put her arm around me and i asked her which paper do i fill out and she took me back over to the table that i started at to show me. Me and yvette(my best friend) were in her bedroom and we were moving the bed by the window because she was pregnant or had delivered the baby already. There was a mattress on the floor on the left side of the room by the wall.She said Mark(her son) slept there. i told her to put the bassinet by her bed and she said that is what the people at work told her to do.Then she looked at the mattress and said there is enough room for the bassinet.

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