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new dream tonite

Post by princessdelia on Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:00 am

I was home when p came to visit.he acted like he was long lost family and said everything that had happened was my fault.he kept repeating that. Shocked i left where he was and talked to a few people trying to comprehend what'd make him say that.
His mother and step father approached me and told me he was under a grand delusion and refused to deal with reality any longer. That the girl's mother communicates with them now and would be coming back for them. In the dream, i wondered why his family was being helpful when they'd never been that way but were being helpful.
P came back to visit again and started his our divorce was my fault talk again. He acted chummy to my dad and tried to act like he was a needy person to the rest of the family. My dad took him on a tour of our big mansion and showed him the zoo we had on our grounds- we had a lion, elephant, giraffe- these were the animals i saw in the dream.
So i asked him what about ur non stop infidelity and how u hurt me? He said it was a sos act on his part that he needed help. So i said but i tried to get u to admit that so that we could work on our marriage but u wouldn't admit u needed help.
He then said i was the one who needed help not him and i got angry and hit him. I sent our guests who were in the room out and kept hitting him out of anger and frustration.

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