The thieves,and my mother's car

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The thieves,and my mother's car

Post by kellsy2004 on Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:36 am

fellow dreamers.Had a dream last night,please help me with the
interpretation-My mother(in real life is a christian by background and
thinks I'm too ''religious'',I cant remember the last time she read her
bible, but she claims she believes in God),my mother and I were in a
car she just bought and we going down this road,and there was some
traffic,but I saw ahead and told her that there were thieves in front
of us,hijacking the other cars and we should go back.she reversed the
car to go back,but she changed her mind and stayed.the thieves came and
ordered her to drive her car down some roads,and she couldnt drive back
because the thieves were many and they were behind us,I felt bad
because if she had listened to me we wouldnt be in the mess.we arrived
at the leader of the theives house,he wanted her to move the car into
his house.i went down on my knees and began to cry telling the man that
ive prayed and fasted over the car,and he shouldnt take it,i could see
compassion in his eyes,then he said he wouldnt take the car anymore,but
his cohort said they should still take the car,all this while my mother
just stood by saying nothing.what does it mean please??
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