Wanting to become a journalist but people were trying to stop me.

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Wanting to become a journalist but people were trying to stop me.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:14 pm

Hi friends and Merry Christmas.


I had it in my heart to be a journalist because I wanted to know the truth and am always in search of the truth. I was tired of the media so I decided to become a journalist a truth seeker and reporter. As I was making steps to become a journalist people told me oh you can not do that because you have a horrible past no one will take you serious. I said, "my past is in the past and Jesus set me free many years ago what does that have to do with journalism? People told me there is no way you will make it because of your past. So I decided not to stop and to keep going despite what people said.Now this is funny, but I wrote letters to Sean Hanity, and to Sarah Palin, and Greta, and Glen Beck to ask for their help it seemed people were out to stop me from becoming a journalist, and I knew I needed their help. I ended up going on their shows and they began to help me.

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