Husband had dream of a jewish temple

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Husband had dream of a jewish temple

Post by brandi34 on Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:51 am


My name is Brandi Eckman

My husband and I have been having a few weired dreams latley...Mine have been of my pastor and his wife moving...who we are VERY close too...I feel the feeling in the dream and I am soooo upset like as if I was breaking up with a boyfriend or going through a divorce!

My husband (who never dreams) had a dream last night that he was in a jewish, him, our pastor and some others from chucrh were sitting around playing a game. My husband was soooo angry in the dream because everyone knew how to play the game but him and he was embarresed. all the jewish people were watching...Then the dream took a turn and we were all sitting on stage in the Jewish temple and all the Jews were asking us about our faith...wierd...I dont usually come to websites to ask for interrpretations, however I did ask God to lead me to one that was biblically sound


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