Strange dream...need interpretation help

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Strange dream...need interpretation help

Post by queenpearl on Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:57 am

A friend of mine had a dream that definitely got my attn. She said we were both in a car and it was moving forward. On the side we saw a mother and 3 daughters (of a different racial background then my friend and I) around the age of 7 yrs. The 2 girls on either end were freaking out due to an insect that was flying around them. The 3rd child in the middle didnt seem to be bothered. She was still. The mother at first wasn't bothered but then noticed and started swatting at the insect. Couldnt make out whether it was a bee or fly. then the insect turned into a bird. My friend doesn't know if its an eagle or something else but there were 2 birds one resting on the other. The larger bird was flying and looked like a regular bird but the bird on top was of pastel colors with pink and yellow hues and smaller than the one it was resting on. She said while I was in the car observing the birds I was smiling almost humored by the birds. We didn't feel any sense of danger but were at peace. And then the children and mother were no longer visible. I can gather that this dream is of significance but need help.
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