Courtship Ended. Godly wisdom on this pleas

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Courtship Ended. Godly wisdom on this pleas

Post by Butterfly88 on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:25 am

Hello guys!
This is a dream my friend has and I have told her to pray and let it in unfold.
But if anyone could help that would be great. Ultimately God has the last word though

My friend had been courting a guy for the past 2 years. This guy asked her dad for permission, flew half way across the world 2x to see her but now breaks up with her because he said God told him to....but two days later he is dating her friend. Just like that. This guy has changed big time. He never used to be like this. Something happened....

Dream 1)

Before they began a relationship but they still liked each other the guy dreams that he got married to my friend in her home country and it was a very colourful wedding and it reflected the culture.

Dream 2) The girl has dream prior to the relationship: the guy proposes to her, and gives her a ring. The ring looks cheap and rusty at first. She is like "that's horrible". When he puts the ring on her finger. It turns to gold, a PEARL is in the middle and two butteflies on the side. The butteflies transform into gold also.

10 days later or so she has the same dream again.

My friend has had a a very bad past. Especially in the areas of purity. Her mother always told her that when you throw away your purity, it is like throwing a way a pearl.

3) Some months later the girl has to retutn to her home country and starts conducting a lond distance relationship. The day she leaves she has this dream: Her and her boyfriend are in a house. Suddenly a tornado hits the house, lifts it of the ground (just like the wizard of OZ) and the house is spinning. They both are in this house and believe they are going to die. But finally the storm ceases and the house SKIDS and lands on soft grass. Nobody is hurt.

4) Now: a few days before this guy breaks up with her. She has a dream that she goes to visit the guy in his country. He isn't too happy to see her. Anyway they take a group picture with there friends. The guy is holding my friends arm ready to take the picture but his head is turned to a brunette behind him. In the spirit of the dream, nobody is talking but you sense that this guy really likes how the brunette looks. He doesn't necessarily like her for her.

Ok now in REALITY. This guy breaks up with her and two days later is dating someone else who is a BRUNETTE!

She doesn't want to depend on her dreams but now God will come through for her. But it's hard because she always felt this was the guy to marry her. Even her parents say that something has gone wrong with this guy. Something just doesn't sit right. My friend was his first girlfriend, the guy always preached to people that you should avoid multiple relationships. This is all strange but I know God is in the midst of it.

5) She always dreams of the guy coming to her and crying. One of the dreams she has is when he is accusing her of her past. And saying "Do you ever think I could marry a girl like you? Look at all the stuff you have done". She told me that one of her friends went up to the guy to defend her case. The ex boyfriend came back to her in tears, crying and apologising.

Any insight would help.

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Re: Courtship Ended. Godly wisdom on this pleas

Post by lola21st on Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:25 pm

Hi Butterfly88 -

Welcome to the site!

I've read your friend's dreams and these are just thoughts, not interpretations but I feel like the dreams were prophetic, God was warning your friend of what was ahead...

In the first two dreams, the wedding theme I believe wasn't necessarily literal but was symbolic of the covenant/partnership that they would enter into with one another. The ring transforming into a pearl ring I think symbolizes the the transformation of the way she approached past relationships to how they would approach this one. When I think of pearls I think of God's treasure. It suggests that this relationship would be a God honoring relationship.

The third dream was warning her of problems or trials that were coming but that they would get through the problems uninjured. The fourth dream was prophetic - a warning that while he was with her, his eyes weren't focused on her, they were focused on someone else. It was a snapshot of the current state which came to pass in the physical realm.

The fifth dream, I'm not sure about...I wonder if this actually be may more of a guilt dream...a reflection of how she believes this guy sees her that manifests in the dream state....but I don't know her so don't place too much weight on this statement if it doesn't bear witness, ok?

Breakups are rarely easy and I agree with you, this is a time to lean into the Lord and seek His understanding and healing. His perfect love for her is immeasurable and He is working this situation out for her good!

Blessings to you both! flower

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