Spiders and family

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Spiders and family

Post by GodsTruth on Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:23 am

I remember my dream in bits and pieces! This is what I remember...in one scene, I'm kind of laying there and I get the feeling that my marriage had ended and it became final. My husband is leaving but I want to say he's talking like if he may come back but I keep telling him bye. Then another scene where one of my family members is telling me to meet me at her house because she has some good smoke(which I don't do) and she gives me $10 dollars (2 five dollar bills) and tells me to go buy some and we can smoke that at her house. Then I see another family member walking away. I don't even remember why or what was said for her to walk away. The last seen, I'm on a wooden porch with my aunt and a different cousin. When I look down, I see this black spider that looks like a daddy long legs but thicker with white spots. Its jumps on my cousin's leg and proceeds to climb up her leg but she doesn't feel it. My aunt and I tell her but she doesn't see it nor feel it but it continues to climb up her leg. It makes it to her mid thigh before she knocks it down and kills it. That's all I remember.

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