Dream about X-husband visiting me

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Dream about X-husband visiting me

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:23 am


I had a dream this morning that my x came over and he wanted to see me.and I remember my hair was not done and I remember putting a dress on because it look like I was just waking up.. I was gald to see him ...so he comes over and he has looks wine or liquior in a bag and he talking to my brother and he said he brought this over and I told him you should not bring that over here because you know they have a drinking problem and I said that is blood on your hands because you are causing somone to fall short..and the X said i know you are right. (The dream look like it was at my parents house)

THen we were talking but dont rememeber the conversation but I know it was a casual talk. then he said he went to the side of the house and he made a phone call he did not want me to hear the conversation but I remember ease dropping to see. I saw a black phone with a cord in his hand like a house phone which was weird because I am thinking how can a house phone work outside on the side of the house... so anyway then I got a phone call from this girl and she said she wanted to speak with me about the X-husband because she had a relationship with me and she said he was unfaithful and he is a mess. I remember saying I dont want to be involved in this or I dont want to hear it..So I said I would talk to her later.
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