interpretation of dream.....potted plants

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interpretation of dream.....potted plants

Post by shirley on Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:12 am

I had this dream about long back around 6 years now. It is very clear to me even today. WOuld like to get an interpretation of the same.

My dream began like this: someone comes to me and gives me different plants and I realise that I dont have different pots...I did not want these plants to die so I have a big pot in which I plant them and water them and go away. The next day I go to look at it and I see that the plants have taken root and out of them is a wheat full grown and i say i never put it there how did this come there ...I wake up and wonder what is this......

Please if you could tell me what it means it still so fresh in my mind even though it has been 6 years now.

God bless

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