2 Dreams and a Song!

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2 Dreams and a Song!

Post by Dream223 on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:13 am

The first dream takes place in a small business office. A woman is sitting at her desk looking over my credentials (my resume I presume). She makes the decision to promote me ( I am just observing). She hands some paper to two women who are are walking and sharing how excited they are to have me (still observing). I become overwhelmed because I do not feel that I can do the job. I appear in my office and I sit down behind a desk and I am not sure if I can do the job. This peaceful presence enters the room, and I am handed an assignment to complete. I complete it successfully and now I have confidence that the work was not as hard as I had initially thought. I appear in another part of the small office holding my work schedule it reads 4-6 (2hrs)! For some reason, my mind is trying to force the myself to believe that their must be more hours. In the dream I somehow know the day of the week. It is a Friday, when a woman comes to me and says, "You know we have to report to work tomorrow?" Which would mean that I will have to work on a Saturday. I then appear at a water cooler and there is a lady there expressing how she is disappointed that she has only 70 hours which makes her part-time. I share with her that I only work part-time as well. #### Just remebered this part: (the dream ended with a woman appearing and she is holding a small dog under her arm).

Note: I am currently unemployed. On Friday, September 18, 2009 at 4 am, I awaken to a woman singing a song with music in the background in the spirit. It takes me a few hours to write out the song. At 11:00am I have an interview with VGC Company on the same day. I think to myself that I can do both, work for VGC Company since the song is already written. I prayed and asked God if I am to believe for provision through the song, or work for VGC Company? Five days later I have this dream.....

Dream #2: On September 23, 2009, I have a dream where I am in a large university. I am at the help desk and I inform the women behind the desk that I am here for ONE COURSE. I put a lot of emphasis on "One Course!" I think to myself that this has nothing to do with my degree as I have already completed my degree program. Another woman comes to me and has a bad attitude and leaves. For some reason I am waiting for her to return, but she doesn't. After waiting and seeing people come and go, I decide to leave. When I enter into the hallway, I hear a song playing over the PA system. I am looking of the faces of the people to get their response to a Godly song being played, but nothing out of the ordinary. I decide to follow the song. I end up at a room. I open the door and the song is playing in a tape recorder. I know the song but not sure who put the song into the tape recorder. The tape recorder is sitting on a table.####

Note: Still unemployed. Song protected. No further dreams or job offers.


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Re: 2 Dreams and a Song!

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:46 am

Greetings sister. The Lord has a job for you in the natural and in the spirit. I believe in both ways He is telling you that you should continue to PRAISE (music) Him during these times wating on the manifestations. As naturally and Supernaturally He will send you on assignment and elevate you the task or person you are ministering to you may not think YOU have what it takes but God In YOU does so you'll find you can do the task and the Lord will provide the Word to minister. A friend of mine was in your same position she's 40 still a virgin only on in her family saved at 10 years old with a strong relationship with Jesus even then. It was a year and a half before she got another job in the TV and Film industry. NOT SAYING GOD WILL TAKE THAT LONG WITH YOU. Just saying it is important to use this idol time to get even more rooted in the LOrd. Cause the next place you go to He will use you for His sake and you will need to be guirded so as to not stray or loose focus of Him in your new busy schedule. I picture myself staying rooted in the Lord and working a busy job beforehand so when it manifests in your head you know how it feels already. My friend failed a few times prior to this job where she got sucked into the job and the culture. Even the elect like her when you are constantly surrounded by people hours on end you become apart of their culture , the mindset, superiority issues, etc or you don't let the world get inside of you.

With Love
Sister Kitty

disclaimer: These are only my sensings. If this does not bare witness in your own soul then do not receive it as truth. As even the elect can be deceived (wrong) with their sensings and a Prophets word NEVER falls to the ground NEVER, though many have self appointed themselves to be a prophet and never imparted. What many these days are receiving in the area of dreams are the manifestation of Joel 2:28 & Acts 2:17 'And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy (definition: 5012-in strongs concordance), Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. This does not mean they are PROPHETS (definition: 1277 is a different definition for PROPHET then those who Prophesy) Please interpret and recieve with understanding. Bless you.
Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus!
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