Hanging out with friends and ending up on a ship

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Hanging out with friends and ending up on a ship

Post by butterfly on Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:20 am

I dreamt I was in a place, like a big house and me and many other people were there hanging out. Many of them I didn't know but they knew me and some people were my friends from school. This guy suggested that we all take part in an activity that sounded very sexual, he asked me if i was coming. One of my relatives was sitting beside me and she said I wasn't going. Afterwards many persons left and some of us were talking. Then one and two decided to leave to find out what activity this guy was talking about. I looked across from where I was and I saw some children in classrooms in a school. Afterwards the place we were in suddenly became a ship, I said that we all should just leave and go home since the others already left and I knew they weren't coming back. I looked outside and saw that the ship seemed to be headed out towards the ocean away from the shore. I shouted and said that the ship was going out away from the shoreline, everybody was afraid and there were some screams. Afterwards the ship started to pull us towards the shore by itself so we were no longer in danger of going out far. I thanked Jesus Christ for helping us and drawing us back to shore.

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Re: Hanging out with friends and ending up on a ship

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:38 am

It sounds like you ahve been, In or about to be in a situation that the devil will try to tempt you to sin. You will resist AMEN. The Lord will always be there to supernaturally pull you back into safety.

School- is learning ministry
Ship = ministry like a church (where 2 or more are gathered)
Resist temptation
The Lord will always be your strength

Hugs and Kisses meet you on the other side at the Wedding Feast. Intamacy and Waiting on the Lord is the key to everything.
With Love
Sister Kitty

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