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Queen for a Day!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Sat Dec 05, 2009 2:31 pm

I remember being somewhere at this exotic type of resort and seeing a building that reminded me of my school. Moments later I realized that I was at my school, and that it was newly revamped like a vacation spot and/or trump towers luxury type of living! I was amazed! I remember seeing snow caps on some buildings and flourescent lights on others. I didn't know where my regular dorm was, so I decided to go find another room (where I used to live) too see if I could get in it (don't ask me why). I know that I was in a hurry, so somehow I got a key and opened up a room (401B) and it opened instantly. I was very pleased.

In the next scene, I remember sitting in this room with a woman and a man. This woman was looking through a box of babydolls, to see which ones she would discard and she ended up giving me one--a white girl, with a big bald head, dressed in blue.

As soon as I got the baby, the baby came alive and was quite heavy (don't know the age, but I'm thinking a little over newborn but not yet a toddler). The baby was talking to me as if she were a grown up but no one could hear her, only me responding. The man in the room was looking at me as if I were crazy! I kinda felt like Dr. Doolittle! Anyway, I was kissing all over the baby and really excited to have her. She was so precious. My own little sweet baby to take home with me!!

Lastly, my mom came running to me excited. She told me that Barack Obama was now single and getting a divorce! Now I was kind of surprised. And being that people in my dream usually represent someone else, i don't think that this news meant the actual president was getting a divorce (or atleast I hope not!) I have this crush that reminds me a lot of the president--he is so commanding, so confident, well-dressed, a gifted speaker etc and I say all the time: He reminds me of Barack and I ALWAYS wanted a Barack (I'm crossing my fingers!lol) So, could this mean he is separating from something?

Sorry for the length. Let me guys know what you think

Desiree (Starpop)
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