dogs and unclear water

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dogs and unclear water

Post by seekingface09 on Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:58 pm

Please help and give prayerful consideration:

I had a dream the other night. I was at some type of function involving my church. A lot of people were laughing and socializing, etc. One particular lady stood out-laughing excessively-kind of like she does at church. I was agitated about something which IRL could have been a result of the night before. My spirit was vexed when I left church. In the dream I said to myself...Half of these people do not care about the Pastor. One of the ladies in the church overheard me and kind of rebuked me. I felt bad because I really didn't want my Pastor to know I felt that way..IRL I feel that she tells the Pastor what goes on etc.
Dream switches. I am in a house. I overhear the Pastor saying he is about to unleash some dogs in different places in the house. These were vicious dogs. I was afraid. I could see the dogs. I hear one of the vicious animals barking ready to attack. I jump to a higher place, because I was afraid. The dog comes out like a rotweiler or something. There was another person in the dream who tries to give me some unclear pond water with tadpoles to make me drink it. I see this dog jump up almost as high as I was. The water was forced on me. I could actually taste it in my dream. I manage to run up stair somehow and I see these rooms. One room was dark..I see this unknown male again trying to tell me SHH, you are going to wake the baby. I wanted to warn them about the dogs- He again tries to force this pond water in a jar on me. I don't remember taking it.
Thank you.

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Re: dogs and unclear water

Post by Dove-Solutions on Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:26 am

Wow this is an intersting dream. I see here the dogs are the attack of the enemy on the church and the congregation. They are being unleashed by those who would call themselves leaders. There views and ideas are forced on the people. The people feel they have no choice to listen and obey since this is a man of the cloth. The Shhhh is them trying to hinder you from the person or ministry that is operating in the spirit of the living God. I think it is good you do not remember taking it because right now you feel in the natural it is being shoved down your throat. Be of good courage and stand strong against the enemy. Call upon the Lord and he will answer you in your distress and overcome and devour you enemey....who goes around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. I do not interpret but give my thoughts as the Holy Spirit would lead me. Part of this is given as a result of both dreams.

Love in Jesus,


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