A Vision and Two Dreams

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A Vision and Two Dreams

Post by +<>< on Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:54 am

I had this vision (when I was awake, and it was transparent-I could see my surroundings behind it) of a young woman in mostly white circus attire. Her blonde hair (although I don't have blonde hair and am not as attractive as she was) and skirt had volume, and her top hat wasn't small, either. She was carefully walking down a narrow dirt path out in a grassy field. She had her feet very close together as she was walked, and she held her arms out (horizontally) at her sides, bent at the elbows with her thumbs and index fingers together with her other fingers also extended. Her poise seemed effortless like she wasn't strained at all.

I even had some odd dreams this past year. In one of them, there were students that were being taught by this strange woman. I recall that she kept doing crazy things, and I knew that she was constantly trying to get and keep their attention on her and the things she was doing. I also know she was trying to scare them and maybe even convince them of being failures/threats to themselves. I can't remember all the details, but she walked around a lot, warning them of punishment from her and what they'd make of themselves someday. She also did scary/perverted things that really didn't make sense. One such act was when she was biting into a porcelain bowl with a very large, faux bloody tooth at the upper front of her mouth, which dropped-off into the bowl. The students were pretty aloof, seeming like they weren't affected at all. Some of the boys were even laughing at and mocking this woman behind her back. They thought she was insane. I vividly recall the kids using chalk to draw the same symbol repeatedly on a sidewalk outside. This symbol was an equilateral triangle within a circle-a geometrically perfect image, and the points of the triangle were located on the circle. Their teacher never made them stop drawing and acted oblivious to it.

In another dream, I was in a relationship with Jesus and was my current age (nineteen), but He was in His early twenties. We were both wearing dark-colored, modern clothes. Jesus was wearing all black and had long dark brown, wavy hair. For some reason I don't remember His face, but I don't think He had a long beard-maybe a close-shaven one We were walking outdoors, and I was happy to be with Him at first. I remember balance-walking on this two- or three-foot tall stone border, and He was by my side. As it went on though, He wouldn't let anyone talk to me. Later, there was a young man who came up to me and offered me these dark-colored (practically black) leather and rubber-soled shoes. They looked sharp. Jesus wouldn't let me accept them and actually threw them at the guy who gave them to me, who was then running away. I told Jesus that He was being mean, but He didn't care and said something like He was glad that man was hit by his "crummy"/"shoddy" gift, which Jesus threw at him. At the end of this dream, I didn't want to be near Jesus anymore, so I walked faster (but didn't run) to get away from Him. Jesus did let me have some distance, but I wasn't with anyone else and He was still following and watching me.

I do believe these experiences reflect me. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback about them and their meaning. Thank-you.
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Re: A Vision and Two Dreams

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:27 am

The lady in the dirt road sounds like a new age spirit (not of God) it's angel of light (a devil imiatating a holy angelic host)

The symbol is a demonic symbol found on the back of your dollar bill. it's an Illuminati symbol . The triangle represents stairs to enlightenment and the top stone or replaced with the eye is the all seeing eyes. engine search : illuminati / dollar bill

No matter what they call themselves if Jesus in Not their Messiah they are all unholy. Don't toy with other religions or accept their beliefs.

Dark colored shoes= demonic walk, distraction from Jesus and walk away from Jesus. The guy was a demon.

Jesus loves you and will never let you go. I had a time in life that I back slide and Jesus let me do what ever I wanted drink have sex but it was all taking me to a dark place, my dark place always ended in suicide. So when I was ready to STOP running from Jesus He was right there to pick up the pieces and Love me and clean me up and leaving all those worldly things behind. I'd rather be in Jesus peace than anything the world had to offer that leads to destruction:

watch these:

and this , hit archive for more:
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