Hig-Tec Airplane Dream

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Hig-Tec Airplane Dream

Post by mattproudy on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:43 am

Hi There, great website!

a friend of mine had this dream for me on my birthday. Any help with interpretation would be great!

Blessing, Matt

You were traveling in some sort of plane - high tech -(nothing we have seen on earth to date). It was in some sort of 'self pilot', and you were using like a lap top programing the flight path. You were quite relaxed that the plane was able to fly itself based on your in put you had given it. During all this, you got up to introduce me to your 'triplets'. These were boys about 9 years old, blond hair and blue eyes. You were introducing me one by one (meanwhile this plane was on course to somewhere) and the boys were sitting down and you began to point, this one is Romolo (which at the time I knew it was a Brazilian name), the second boys name i can't remember, and then pointing to the third you said a very Croatian/Chec sort of name. As you said this very strange (Croatian/Chec name) i knew exactly what it was. I was excited that i knew that name, and knew what you were trying to mean by naming this son of yours that name. And you were happy at the fact that i knew this name of his.
Then you went back to this sort of lap top, which you continued to input the course of the flight.

The whole rest of the night (in my sleep) i had this word over and over and i can't think of it now but it was like a 'self pilot'/'auto pilot' kind of word, or to that effect.

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Re: Hig-Tec Airplane Dream

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:56 am

This dream could have been for you depending on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ or it was intended for the dreamer and you represented them as they have something in common with you.

Either way, the ministry (plane) is on auto-pilot and God is in control.
Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus!
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