A Strange Fun House

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A Strange Fun House

Post by Jordanriver8 on Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:27 pm

In this dream I was in this weird fun house. It had many, many rooms and very intricate passage ways. Each room was full of broken down items like large industrial appliances, metal scraps, etc. Some extra large rooms had t.v's in them so you could see what was going on in the inside of the house. Some of the t.v.'s also showed you what was going on on the outside of this fun house. I remember at one point I was being chased by a man, and I had 3 other people with me, running away from him. We were running up and down industrial stairs, through things and under things. I remember at one point somehow I was outside without the three people, and this man was throwing large darts at me. I remember one of them caught the back of my left hand which pierced it. I remember bleeding profusely, and trying to stop the bleeding with a white cloth. The funhouse was a network of mazes. I remember we(the 3 people who were with me) all reached in one particular room and it felt like a blast of winter. I remember telling the people with me that an evil presence was in that room as we all felt oppressed. I remember commanding it to leave us in Jesus Name and it left, we kept moving through the house and one of the persons asked me how did I know what was in that particular room. And I remember telling the person that the Lord has given me the gift of discerning of spirits. We continued running for quite sometime, and I realized the man that was trying to hunt us down/kill us was no where to be found. We finally reached the end part of house to go outside and the dream ended.
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