quite a few dreams

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quite a few dreams

Post by tober1387 on Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:43 pm

i have had many dreams since i came to Christ. some short and obvious others no so much. here are a few that i haven't figured out yet.
the first 2 are pretty short. the last is a longer
The Emerald Necklace
I had a dream that God Himself placed a beautiful shining emerald necklace around my neck. i have yet to find any pictures of any emerald necklace any where near the beauty of that one. i have searched for scriptures on both emeralds and necklaces but have yet to come up with anything that would relate.
****i initiallly thought that this had to do with prayer but, i'm open to any other opinions

The skeleton pirate
A man and i (who i don't know IRL and whose face i never did see) were on a pirate ship full of skeletons. the water was a dark blue-black-grey but everything seemed peaceful. the vibe i got from most of the skeletons were that we were neither friend nor foe. suddenly one skeleton hopped up and began attacking the man i was with. they began sword fighting. i knew that they were fighting because the man had something the skeleton wanted but it belonged to me. I began hearing a ticking sound from the water(very similiar to the one with captian hook in peter pan) i wasn't afraid because i knew that whatever it was was after the skeleton. The ship began to sail into shallow water where they both jumped off so i went to the shore to watch. the skeleton then (or so he thought) drowned the man. ( he was pretending). The skeletons' attention turned to me. some how whatever the man had in his pocket that the skeleton wanted, was now in my hand. not having a sword and more importantly not wanting to fight i threw it to him. twice the wind brought it back to me the third time the skeleton caught it. he left to return to his ship. thats when the ticking sound started again. as soon as the skeleton reached the shore some sea monster (which i also never did see) came up and bit him in half and swam off. (the thing being fought for was very much like a compass or a small pocket watch)
i really do believe that this was from God, as strange as it was.
DISCLAIMER: i was not watching pirate movies, i did not eat anything strange. i did absolutely nothing in my waking life that would induce this dream.

***i had this one this moring so i've yet to have time to think about it much.

House drills

i was at the back door of my house watching a brewing storm. i just knew that it was going to be bad. a black dog that i had as a child was stuck to the privacy fence we have. i was desperate to get him lose. i wouldn't have felt more urgency if it were a child. suddenly a twister dropped just feet from the back porch. within seconds another dropped within feet of the first. they were very dark with streaks of black in them. but i had to get to that dog. just as i stepped foot onto the back porch the dog had gotten free and ran to safety. thats when i noticed that there were men in my back yard. they were wearing black shirts (some had black pants also.) it was like the storm was not even affecting them. they weren't getting wet and the twisters and the wind weren't whipping them around at all. some of them looked like they were searching for something while others were attempting to break into the house. one at a time they all ran at the back door. immediately i tried to close and lock it but the lock was broken. men twice my size were standing at the door pulling at it while i tried to hold it shut. but the last time they tried to enter i just opened the door and talked to one of them. to my relief it turns out that they were just running drills to see how easy it would be to break into my house and how i would react. The man i talked to was holding a knife that looked real far away but upon closer inspection was obviously a fake plastic one. since i had stopped to talk to him he gave me a 5 second head start to get away.

my first thought was "well if there is trouble the first thing i want to do is get anyone else in the house out". so i ran upstairs (which we don't have an upstairs) and checked the rooms. the first was empty but the second i could see figures. i scooped up a baby boy and pulled on the leg that i saw hanging off the bed. the leg belonged to a little girl. she hopped up and ran back to the stairs with me. by this time the man was heading up stairs. there happened to be a bookshelf near the railing of the stairs so the girl quickly pulled it over and let the shelf and all it's books slide down the stairs towards the man. He looked up at her said good job and left. near the bookshelf (before she hurled it down) there was another full of pictures. we both kneeled down to look at them all. i began questioning her. since she was in my house and i had no clue who she was i thought that that would be a good idea.

me: " what's your name"
Her: "kayla and his is Caleb" (the little boy)
me: "who is your father" i figured that he would be among the pictures of these people(mostly men) that we were looking at.
Kayla: "him" (i couldn't tell who she was pointing to)
after scanning over a few pictures i finally came to one that caught my eyes.
me: "this is your father"
Kayla: " Mhhmm"
me: "well who is your mother?" ( I feared that i already knew the answer.)
both she and baby caleb gave me questioning looks.
Kayla; "you, silly!"
me: " well, where is your father?" (still not really claiming relation to any of them)
Kayla: " he died a long time ago"(couldn't have been that long ago, we had a baby less than a year old) it was obvious she was at peace with it.
the dream then showed a high bridge with Kayla narrating what i was seeing.
"he worked on the underneath side of the bridge and it was really high. his boss was being mean and yelling at him but daddy didn't want to fight so he kept backing up. then he just backed up too far and fell to the ground"
the dream switched back to the photo and then ended.

****** perhaps a warning of storms, trials that seem like they want to harm but are meant for good and saving a future husbands life by telling him aboutthe bridge accident?

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