Dreams, visions, sermons, all connected(?) what does it mean? 2 parts

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Dreams, visions, sermons, all connected(?) what does it mean? 2 parts Empty Dreams, visions, sermons, all connected(?) what does it mean? 2 parts

Post by Jim A on Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:36 pm

This is going to be a long one. You will see what worries me.


I had a girlfriend and her brother/father arranged a marriage. It turned out God was in alot of what took place. I was quite sad to say the least but eventually I actually felt it was a good thing God had accomplished.

I came to the conclusion that it was good that she and I not have gotten together because of my job, low finances, and long hours in research and development starting my small business I developed (I am still poor).

In cannot remember having a single dream concerning her all during those 18 years. At least I thought I was over the whole situation.

Anyway August 4, 2008, out of the total blue, I had two dreams in one night concerning her, both very disturbing. I cannot remember the first, but the latter dream had me thinking something was terribly physically wrong with Ann (not her real name and nothing about her mother either).

The next day, a totally separate event happened although it may just be chance. I received an email out of the blue from a friend/customer with two links to the same you tube song (the customer knew nothing about Ann). The second link sang the whole song, the lyrics just seemed to hit my sensitive button, Ann "I am not what you need", "bitter sweet memories", "I will always love you" were in the lyrics. Kinda seemed erie.

The second link was the same as the first but with only 1/2 the song and with the end captioning "Love knows no bounds and true friendships last forever" and "contact someone you love, you will be glad you did" at the end. That peaked my interest to see if God had something for me to see. I have had similar things happen before, as I will explain later.

So I decided to look her up on the internet to see if there were any results. I found three or four. The first (march 2008) was that her mother had breast cancer in 2001 and now had bone and liver cancer.

Then the same page went on to state that Ann also had breast cancer. She was only 43 or so. The next link result stated that Ann had three tumors removed. Well, I was very saddened to say the least and thought she had a death sentence as well as her mother. I would not have checked if not for the dreams and then the email links. I may not have contacted her husband if I had not seen the three tumors mentioned, this link was gone in a week or so. I sent one bouquet of flowers, anonymously, naming both mother and daughter. I don't know but I felt the need to contact them.

The first thought, after the cancer was mentioned, was that God was showing me His wisdom as to why it was not good for me to have married Ann. You know, to show me that He was looking out for me back then. Although sad, it strengthened my thoughts that it was a good decision God made, me not marrying Ann. What came next was even more unexpected and surprising and confusing. Please help me understand if this is from God, me, or the enemy.

Forgot to mention earlier, I checked another link that mentioned they had no children. I just assumed they would.

Next post, 2.

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Dreams, visions, sermons, all connected(?) what does it mean? 2 parts Empty Re: Dreams, visions, sermons, all connected(?) what does it mean? 2 parts

Post by Jim A on Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:51 pm

Post, 2

There was a result/link to her husband's address on another link concerning a reunion, so I contacted him stating that I had come across a link and asked how mother and daughter were doing.

(I guess he did not know who I was since he responded with so much information.) He responded the mother still had cancer but tumors have shrunk. Ann was in remission as of August 2008 and insurance was covering the treatments. She was to be on medicine for 2 years to induce menopause. He said he would tell them. In my next email I politely told him I was bowing out and the church and I would continue to pray for them.

Then things changed drastically. I started having an image of me picking up Ann at the local airport. I have had God impress things on me before, like a weight, and this weighed heavily on me. If I was lusting I would think I would have pictured something more than just picking her up at an airport.

This went on for several weeks straight, all day long, day in and day out. I could not get it out of my mind it was so heavy. Frankly I did not want to believe it but I knew God had done things for me before, like crank my car engine over, dead battery, after prayer so I could get to college and more.

The next 3 church services were even more "interesting", about God raising Lazarus from the dead. All I heard from my minister was that nothing is impossible with God, God can do anything, and don't limit God, multiple times during each of those three weeks. It was like God was speaking to me, but I didn't know what to think or believe. In fact I did not want to believe what I was experiencing.

I could not believe the 4th sermon, why don't you believe God. Why don't you believe God. He can do anything (following verses after the Lazarus's scriptures). I was confused and reeling.

Because of the constant images depicting me picking up Ann at the airport, is God looking into the future and seeing a change after 19 years? I still cannot believe it, is it from God or the enemy playing a cruel joke, or me.

The ramifications are huge. What about her husband and his future, the marriage?

Could Satan plan such a scheme to coincide with the pastor's sermons? I don't know.

So I went to a minister I knew a little (not my church) and told him what I was experiencing. He thought I was exaggerating things in my mind, and what about her husband(?), and nothing I could do anyway, so just forget it. I didn't want to believe what was happening either. Anyway, the minister was somewhat pieved, and I can understand. Well, the images of meeting Ann at the airport were still flooding my mind every day, all the time. Was it God, me, or the enemy inspiring these images.

About 5 days after the meeting with the minister, and wondering about the continuing images, whether they were from God or not, I happened to turn on the tv early one morning and flipped it to the religious channel on my way to other higher channels, and there was a minister with the same delimna I had, asking the very same question I was, whether it was Satan or God "speaking" to her (her situation did not involve sin). I have never heard a minister cover this subject and I just "happened" to hear her discussing the matter.

So she had exactly the same question I was wondering about. Is it God or Satan inspiring the image of me picking up Ann at the airport, let alone the other things that were happening? She concluded it was God "speaking" to her (and rightly so in her situation as explained). So was God answering my persistent question by using her sermon? Did God inspire me to turn on the TV to that channel early in the morning?

So the next weeks the image was really there all day long. In Oct/early November I gradually got the image out of my mind. Then new years eve, I had another dream. This time I was at a party (wedding?) of some sort and Ann was only 6 feet or so away, alone, but she totally ignored me even though I tried over and over to get her to notice me.

In the dream she had been with another guy who was not her husband. So the husband was out of the picture, gone. I did not explicitly see the guy in the dream, but I said, wow, this guy is obnoxious and not right for Ann at all. (That is why I figured Ann was with another gent.) Needless to say I woke up, sitting up in bed like I did twice Aug 4th. I don't know what that dream was all about.

Could all this be for the future or some unresolved problem God wants me to work out??

I don't know what to think. I don't trust my own feelings on the matter. I wonder if the enemy is cleverly deceiving me or God is working with me.
Please help if possible.

Jim A

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