My Ex, Why Her; Help me in Prayers and Translation !!!

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My Ex, Why Her; Help me in Prayers and Translation !!!

Post by king Rex on Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:27 pm

Just waking up ! In this dream, it seemed that I called my ex- girlfriend to meet me and to buy me some juice drink. We later met and she gave me the juice and we hugged each-other but i felt during the hug she was smelling/sniffing my body scent, she went away and i took the juice drink home to drink.

P.S.:(IRL) Because I am a believer, I prayed and cancelled any sort of covenant we may have had in JESUS
(IRL) I don't ever think of my ex in any form, ie consciously or unconsciously, she never crosses my mind.
(IRL) I am happily married, blessed and highly favored by the LORD and I love my wife dearly.
(IRL) My Ex is also married. She told me before I got married that no man has ever broken up with her but she was the one that always calls it off so for me to do that it seems clearly she has never overcome that.
(IRL) I have not been able to tell my wife because everytime I dream about her, it is because prior to me going to bed, there was a misunderstanding between my wife and I the previous night and this dream was no exception.
* Secondly my wife NEVER BELIEVED until this day that I rather ended the relationship with her and not vice-versa, her reason being my ex is too beautiful and intelligent that she does not believe any man can resist her.
(IRL) She gave me her telephone number on facebook to call her several months ago which I have not done until now.
(IRL) During our relationship I never slept with her, I kissed her but never was any more intimate so that for me is the strangest part.
(IRL) The reason i parted ways with her was because the LORD revealed to me in a dream, in that dream; I went to her house to pick her up for church service, i got there to find her with another man, so i invited both of them and they began to laugh at me, i decided to go without them and on my way i nearly fell in a trap hole but was able to see it in time to jump over it and went away to my service. Not long after i broke it up with her.

I need prayers, spiritual meaning, intervention from believers and an advice on ow to deal with this, thank you and GOD Bless you all.

king Rex
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Re: My Ex, Why Her; Help me in Prayers and Translation !!!

Post by Halo on Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:11 pm

King Rex~ From the view point in which I am setting it is obvious ....the translation here is not the girlfriend, it is mearly the Lord that is helping you by answering your call {prayer} and giving you an insight, he is arouseing your senses (smelling/sniffing), but in return {vice-versa} what the Lord is saying ''what was ment for evil (pit) he will turn around for the good of them who Love him. So, rest assure....This is a Good dream, the Lord has come to your aid in the form of an ex, but pretraying himself is such a manner that could be easly misguided as something else {misunderstanding}. The Lord will not take something from you without giveing something even greater in return, like that of sin is taken away for salvation, death for everlasting life, dark for light, torment for peace, and the list goes on and on. What i'm trying to reveal here is this, you called the Lord up through prayer, he came to you in a dream, gave you the assurence of his everlasting love and sent you on your way. The Love of the Lord is what kind of relationship that is being displayed here that gives us the assurance of something that we can take with us, even if it does come in the form of taste good, feels good, and fills the void, Amen.

Sincerly, Halo
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