Ex-husband and current husband in same room

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Ex-husband and current husband in same room

Post by Christa on Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:26 am

I was living on the beach in a tiny place. I did the best I could to decorate the place on very little budget. Instead of drapes, I put up gold chains???!?!? My mom and dad were there. My mom was Kathy Bates, the actress. I took my daughter on a walk along the beach, I let her out of her stroller, but she got too close to the edge of the pier, so I had to pull her back to me by her hair because that was the only thing I could grab onto to save her. That freaked me out, so I went home. I had to use the bathroom, but our toilet was outside in broad daylight (where beach goers were walking around). I used the bathroom but was very uncomfortable because there were onlookers. I went back inside and got my daughter a drink. I saw my husband go out on the porch with a cigarette and a beer. I was mad, because I knew it was the last cigarette and I wanted it (irl I was delivered from smoking some time ago). I heard the doorbell, I answered the door and it was my ex-husband (who lives in Florida). He stayed for a long time. We went into the TV room to talk. My husband followed us and listened in the whole time. He told me that his almost 20 year old son got arrested for attempted murder on four counts. I asked him how many kids he had and if he was happily married. He said 1 daughter and 2 sons, and yes, he was happily married. I told him, I'm not (right in front of my husband....irl we are currently separated and he can't even be around me for a year due to a criminal restraining order). I tried to talk to my mom privately (Kathy Bates), but my husband kept trying to listen in. Then I tried to talk to my ex privately, and my husband kept trying to listen in. I talked to my ex anyway. He said, "I found a bracelet you sent me some years ago, it was like one of those rubber band bracelets. I've had it for many years, but as I held it, it broke." I told him that I was extremely glad that he told me that because I feel that I can let go now that the band is broken. I cried and apologized to him for causing the divorce, that I should've stayed with him and it was all my fault. I asked him again if he was happily married, he said, "yes." He then left the house, commented on the gold chains, and I followed him and his other teenage son out (not the attempted murderer). I said goodbye at the door, but I wanted to say goodbye again, so I followed him to the Amtrak, got on the train to look for him, before I knew it, the door was shut and I was in it. I saw my husband outside. There were a lot of Koreans on the Amtrak. I looked for my ex but couldn't find him. I knew I had to get off the next exit, or I'd be heading back to Florida with him (that's where we met). I knew that was not going to be a good thing, so I thought I'd call my dad once I got off at the next exit for him to pick me up.
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