A new baby girl....End times dream?

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A new baby girl....End times dream?

Post by Christa on Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:53 pm

Last night God started burdening my heart with the end times again. This may sound pretty ridiculous to some, but before I went to sleep last night, I asked God if He could let me know what year and season Jesus will come for us (In the Bible it says 'you will not know the day or the time, but you will know the season'....so I asked God for the year and the season). I know it sounds like a pretty bold request, but I really wanted to know because it feels REALLY near to me. I just wanted to know how much time I had to bring people to know Jesus. I also asked Him other things, like what is to become of my husband and I (we're separated). I plead with God often to bombard my friends and family's lives and to chase them down to draw them to Him. I want my friends and family to know Christ so much. Anyhow, this was my dream:

I was just starting college, I was sitting with my fellow classmate on the first day of school. He was trying to conceal something under paper (keeping something under wraps?) on the table. My husband was near me. He's kind of a wanderer irl, so he was wandering around the building, but staying pretty close. The college was a large 1800 style red brick building, it was beautiful and I was glad to be back in college. It was cold in there, so I covered myself and my fellow student with a blanket.

Next scene: I was at the hospital and it was night time. I had just given birth (but she looked slightly older...maybe like 2-3 months old...very bright eyed and alert) and I told my husband, "We have to name her ........" It started with a B, but I don't remember the name. I left him no option to name her. He just said, "ok." Then we went outside and my dad was holding my baby. She was BEAUTIFUL, absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I was in awe and full of love. I wanted to hold her and gaze at her, but excited family members kept passing her around to get a chance to hold her. I turned to my husband, and asked him, "What did we name her?" He said, "I don't remember the first name, but the middle name is Renee." I thought 'Oh, that's right,' but I started to get a little worried and frustrated because I didn't know her name and I didn't want anyone to claim her or steal her because I forgot (Jesus said that He would come like a thief in the night).

My dad was holding the son of my friend. He's a toddler and his name is Patrick, but the toddler didn't look like Patrick, he looked like my nephew, but a little younger version of him (my sister-in-law is pregnant again and if I were to get pregnant....9 months from now, her baby would be a year old, which would be close to my nephew now). I've had other dreams that my sister-in-law was going to have another boy (we don't know yet the sex of her baby) and he would look just like my nephew. Well, as my dad was holding the child, he covered the toddler and himself with a blanket. That was the end of the dream.

I was thinking that God would give me a dream about how old my existing daughter would be when the rapture came, but I guess I wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference if it's only 9 months from now. I'm seriously thinking that it might happen in the fall of 2010, based upon this dream. On the other hand, maybe God decided not to give me the year and season, and this dream was describing my marriage only. I don't know....need more revelation I guess.

Anyhow, does anybody see anything in this dream that I may have missed? Thanks everyone, God bless you all.
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