REPOST: Flying around high on top and side of buildings, someone got cut ,police came,

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REPOST: Flying around high on top and side of buildings, someone got cut ,police came,

Post by Monique on Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:34 pm

I can't remember alot about this dream . This is what I remember. bits and pieces of it .

I was with somebody or couple of people and I was flying around above building on them going from this one to that one and I was noticeing my hair was coming out in my hands when I pull on it . It was like my aunt had something to do with it. I was showing my grand mother how my hair was coming out and It was like I was going bald but I was still flying around with these people ( i don't no like i was trying to get away from what she was doing.) IRl alot of things happen with my aunt and her daughter in my life and we don't really get along but I called her before and asked her if there is anything I have ever done to her that I was sorry for it and she like wanted me to tell her what I did but I told her nothing . Which I didn't but they had done things to me but I was letting go. She told me to not call her anymore she rather not talk to me . That was fine because I didn't call her anyway IRl . I always helped her daughter because she wouldn't but that 's another story.

Then this dream

I was at this house with one of my kids daddy and 2 more people was there. I arguement broke out and someone got cut and it was bad but wasn't no one bleeding or anything. I saw first that kid daddy was laying on the floor and this other guy was laying behind him no cover or anything then this other white guy was in the room. Then This guy was cut and someone had to call the police to get some help because it was deep. They was telling me not to say this or that but I really didn't no what happened honestly.I was just standing around looking I wasn't even in it. Well then this police come and he asked me to step outside and he went outside and then as I was going down the stairs to go outside this guy said in my ear. Just say you don't no nothing. I said ok. Then we was outside talking and this white guy was in the tree look like and he was above us looking and listening. I think I told the truth because he didn't look happy. but I don't understand because I really don't no what happen I was there after everything happened.

Then in the house the police was checking my knee and he was saying you are going to have to let your mother draw your social security and I said its physical( I was thinking I had to go to court or something) and he said I dont care .( looked at my knee and was it was a scar about 4 inches long ).He said the cut looks about 4 inches deep and thats deep . He had this thing that rolls across my knee and he did it on top and on bottom of this cut and he was pulling my left leg out and holding my knee and my was left leg was shakeing . Then he just pulled out my right leg and looking at it and the back of it. I think the guy was mad I told something he didn't want me 2. But I don't no what It was.

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