REPOST: a party at my apartment that I didnt tell him he could have

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REPOST: a party at my apartment that I didnt tell him he could have

Post by Monique on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:17 pm

I walked in my apartment or house and my ex was having a party and it was alot of people there that I no from back home. I was walking through telling everybody they have to leave and my ex I was looking for him I went to the back somewhere there was a big room with a dj with turn tables and speakers and everything and he saw me and started putting everything up. Everybody was mad because I think my ex had charge them and when I saw him he held up a stack of money and then left and I didn't see him no more lol.

Everybody just went to someone else apartment down the way and I went down there to . lol I was talking to this girl I new from back home. We was not at the party anymore we went walking.

We went to this apartment and mary sue was laying on the floor and she was sleep or drunk I dont no but she wanted us to step over her but i wasnt going to step over or on her bed on the floor so I asked her to move it up and she raised up and we went around her and a lady was sitting on the couch and we was all talking but I dont remember the convo.the we walked out and went around to another apartment walking through like dirt and dog poo and she went in this other apartment and got this little puppy that she handed to me and it was so small at first( I was like awww so pretty, it didnt look like I had been weaned from the mother yet but it pretty fur (light brown) clean it looked shy I didnt see the tail maybe it was tucked but it was so small like you can hold it in one hand. I eyes was closed like it had been sleep. ( I was thinking I should take it but I gave the puppy back and told her to come on. That's when we left and was walking back to her apartment and Then I someone told her something and she took off running it was a fight at her apartment. I was still walking and when I saw her again she was talking about that she was trying to stop the fight and had to jump on this girl and beat her up and the cops was called and this and that happened . She was doing this and that . I think they tore some stuff up 2.

I woke up

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